Dogs Are Cool

You Know What's Cool?  Dogs.  Dogs are cool.

Whether wearing a pair of doggles while proudly seated astride a Harley-Davidson with a human companion, or strutting down a sidewalk wearing nothing but a collar and a drippy, long-tongued smile, dogs are cool.  As a dog lover, I’m definitely biased. Maybe you wonder why I think dogs are so darn amazing – luckily, you’re about to find out.

What Makes Dogs Cool

Dogs have the capacity to love us unconditionally.  Leave a cat home for a few hours, and she might yawn a greeting when you walk in the door. Leave your dog home for twenty minutes, and he’ll greet you with wild, bounding joy, as if he hadn’t seen you in years.  Dogs’ enthusiasm is definitely one of the top reasons they’re so great; here are a whole bunch of other reasons you should appreciate your dog.

These are just a few things that makes dogs incredible – no wonder they’ve been popular as pets for millennia!

Cool Facts About Dogs

Part of the reason dogs are so great is that they’re so much fun to watch and interact with.  I’ll leave you with these facts.  Next time you’re spending time with your dog, watch closely and see what you can observe.

A dog’s ear is controlled by at least 18 individual muscles.  Learn to watch your dog’s ears – it’s amazing what he says by moving them.

Every dog has a unique nose print.  Those darn smudges on your car’s windows? They’re like fingerprints.  No two dogs have identical nose prints!

Dogs easily identify their owners.  If a dog owner stands a long distance from a dog, waving his or her arms or making other gestures, the dog will instantly recognize the owner.

Dogs can help humans attract dates.  Single?  Walk your dog more often, and you could find a new partner faster.  As a bonus, you won’t attract anyone who dislikes dogs.

You Know What's Cool?  Dogs.  Dogs are cool.