Hybrid Cars are Cool

You Know What's Cool?  Hybrid cars.  Hybrid cars are cool.

When Toyota first came out with the Prius, I had to try it. Since I needed to visit a family member in southern California, I rented one of the cars from a local dealership, and struck out on a journey from the San Francisco Bay Are to LA. A little less than a full tank of gas later, I found myself saying hello to a newborn niece – and at the same time, I decided that hybrid cars were definitely making the list of cool things I was building inside my head. I had a brand new car of my own, and wasn’t in a position to trade it in, so I didn’t buy a hybrid right away. Instead, I admired them as they whizzed past me in traffic, and I continued to rent them whenever I needed to take a road trip. Along the way, I’ve come up with plenty of reasons why hybrid cars are one of the coolest types of technology available.

Hybrid Cars Look Great

From day one, hybrids have had attractive streamlined designs. The first hybrids on the market looked great when they came out, and they continue to offer a modern look today, even though it’s been well over a decade since the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius were respectively introduced in 1999 and 2000. The cars’ looks continue to improve, particularly now that manufacturers are coming out with new colors, special window glass, and other eye-catching details that add to their cool factor.

Many Hybrid Models are Available

The first hybrid cars were small passenger vehicles designed with daily commuters in mind. Today, even big passenger buses are available as hybrids. Along the way, Chevrolet has introduced a hybrid pickup truck and other models, Ford has introduced a number of popular hybrid SUV’s, and manufacturers including Hyundai, Honda, Lexus, and others are coming out with a variety of options that look fantastic and provide plenty of options drivers with different needs appreciate. Soon, no matter who you are, you’ll be able to find hybrid cars for sale that meet your needs.

Hybrids Help Drivers Save Money

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the cost savings hybrid drivers can take advantage of. Whether you own or lease a hybrid car, you’ll save lots of money on gas, particularly if you pay attention to the speed limit and focus on getting your car to operate efficiently. While hybrid technology does cost a bit more initially, at about $5,000 more per car than a vehicle with a standard gasoline engine, there are other financial perks to driving a hybrid besides savings at the pump. For instance, some drivers may be entitled to significant state and local tax credits. In some places, you can save gas and valuable time by taking advantage of high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, and in some areas, you can get reduced rates on parking or park for free if you drive a hybrid.

Some banks offer loan discounts on hybrid car financing. Depending on the bank and the car in question, these discounts can help make new and used hybrid cars available at a reduced cost. In addition, some hybrid cars are eligible for reduced car insurance rates; again, the cost savings depends on the car model and on the insurance company. Of course, your driving habits and other factors will continue to impact the overall cost of insuring your vehicle.

Hybrid Technology Benefits the Planet

Last, but definitely not least, hybrid cars are cool because they help reduce fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gases. Today, with the oceans growing warmer due to increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and weird weather with consequences ranging from widespread drought to monster floods in places where flooding was never much of an issue before, it’s easy to understand how important it is to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Hybrid cars can help people, marine life, plants, and animals live healthy lives – and that’s just part of what makes them cool.

You Know What's Cool?  Hybrid cars.  Hybrid cars are cool.